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In today’s hectic world it’s key that we find time to recharge our batteries – it does not only lead to a more harmonious life but also enables higher levels of productivity at work. After all, energy is the capacity to get our jobs done. Every year millions of people start training with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, 73% of them will drop out any sport activities within 6 weeks.

How to keep them motivated?

We keep employees happy, healthy and engaged by creating a cool wellness program with Fitkat. Fitkat is simple, fun and scientific wellness program. It encourages employees to walk and stay physically active. Fitkat motivates activity through interesting competitions, challenges and rewards. It harnesses the power of wearable, mobile and social to deliver the desired outcome.


Virtual Treks

Employees are encouraged to walk on Google Trek with their peers for a short duration. Competitive spirit encourages employees to keep walking & complete the trek.

10,000 steps challenge

Motivate employees to achieve the 10,000 steps benchmark on a daily basis to keep lifestyle diseases at bay.


Simplified, gamification makes your life more like a game, which in turn takes out some of the seriousness and reduces the existential stress produced by one’s progress toward a goal. Use Challenges to set goals, motivate yourself, and challenge your friends! You can track your results and compare them to the other members within the organization.

Meal Plans

Our Nutritionists shall examine your existing cafeteria and provide you with healthy meal plans to ensure that your employees are served nutritious meals which keep them healthy and active at work.

Dashboard & Challenges

Employees can track their progress, inspire each other & compete in new challenges.

Finding the right balance

Tips, tools and inspiration to help find a balance that's right for you.