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Eco-system of wearable devices

Wearable devices are creating great buzz in the market and has become the trend of the day. Innovations are more focused on body-borne computers (also referred as wearable’s), which are miniature electronic devices that are worn on face, wrist, clothes or even shoes!

Essentially wearable technology is all set to take a giant stride and will be as big as the Smartphone technology!

Eco-system of wearable devices involves extensive product development knowledge and expertise in technology areas from hardware design to cloud applications to mobile application development. Specifically, for developing wearable devices one requires following technology expertise:

  • Hardware / electronic design and development expertise for developing products with minimum form factor size. Moreover, power management expertise is a must-have to ensure that devices can last several days / weeks / months on a single battery charge.

  • BSP / firmware development expertise ensuring memory optimized driver development with minimum footprint, enhanced power management and highest performance in spite of low-end microcontroller.
  • Smartphone application development on Android and iPhone platforms to allow connectivity with the wearable device.
  • Cloud / web application for enabling M2M (machine-to-machine) / IoT (Internet of things) for remote monitoring and control.

Challenges today

Having end-to-end expertise for product development is tough ask and there are very few organizations which can ensure quality end-to-end product development. In order to achieve seamless communication, all the components of wearable devices from hardware to cloud to smartphones need to be closely knit.

Integration is key and experience of native operating system primitives is a must to extract maximum performance with minimum code! Here are some basic skills required:

  • High Cost
  • Time Consuming
  • Complex hardware designing abilities smaller sized form factor development.
  • Knowledge of choosing the right components for size and efficient power management.
  • Certifications to ensure radiations do not affect human body.
  • Expertise in driver development for developing optimized drivers for new types of sensors.
  • Ability to develop code that fits on lower capacity RAM / flash.
  • Domain knowledge for efficient application development.
  • Ability to develop iPhone / Android / Windows applications.
  • Ability to develop Cloud / web / smartphone connectivity applications.

Fitkat Launch:


You can build your own fitness app It's simple to set-up,
easy to customize and you don't need to have any coding knowledge.

The Objective

The goal with Fitkat is to give you full control and access to all the resources we've used to put the app together so you can customize and build your own.

Once purchased you'll get instant access to your files so you can san download and get started right away.
Controll app appearance by adding your own logo, colours and branding. Just customize and go! It's all yours.
Once you finish customizing the app you are just one step away from launching you're own app.

Publish your fitness app everywhere

We've included 20+ retina iOS8 screens and 200+ vector elements for iPhone and android devices that can be edited using Sketch or Photoshop. These are ideal for designers or anyone that wants to take app customization one-step further.


Fitkat Launch for iPhone is compatible with the latest iOS software release and supports iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus models.


Fitkat Launch for android is compatible with android version 4.4 and above.


Need Help Setting Up?

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Set Up & Launch

We'll ensure your app is set-up correctly and prepared for app store submission.

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Our developers can have your app ready to submit within a matter of days.

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